Welcome Retailer!


When we say that we value our relationship with you, we mean it. We have gone to great length to identify select, local Wandering Tree retailers nationwide. Our entire business model is built around quality product development and driving foot traffic to your retail space (which will be the only way that Wandering Tree will be available). The music, poetry and photography behind Wandering Tree is a story-telling experience… the sort that one can only get in-person from a one-on-one location such as yours. We all enjoy the benefits of web technology… you’re having a session now that relies on it. But if you’re viewing this, then you have most likely spoken with Mandy or Keoki and are seeking the sort of similarly-personal experience for your guest, client or customer that Wandering Tree was built for.

With Wandering Tree, Piercing the Veil and Indigo Moon, we have started anew… looking at the disconnect in our world and we are seeking to fill that gap with a universal story told in music, philosophical poetic rhythms and frame-setting
photography. The only thing missing is the story-teller… you. If you become one of our select retail partners, whether you are a bed & breakfast, a yoga studio, a coffee shop, art gallery or similar local business, then we have committed to
providing you with quality, well-crafted products that draw your customers back for more of the personal interaction that started them on their journey with Wandering Tree.

Join us as we establish a balanced business model, centered around your customer’s product experience, but also one centered around our relationship with you and your staff. Help us tell our story, be our story teller. Below are just a few of the retail markets that we're looking to find select, long-term business partners within. There's nothing like a one-on-one conversation, but so that you can get a better feel for us, here's how we see our presence in your life (click one of the images below that you feel matches your business)...


If you do not yet have your Wandering Tree Legend wholesale login credentials, contact us today and we'll set you up! For tax exemption, submission of your Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax will be required. If you 're already in our system and have everything you need, simply click here...