Keoki is a musician, philosopher and poet intent on forging artistic works that enhance one’s spiritual life. Born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Asheville, North Carolina, he has since traveled the world accompanied by his favorite books on poetry and purposeful living. As an audio engineer, producer and technologist by trade, Keoki enjoys all things both spiritual and technical, seeking the way of the Urban Shaman. With humility and gratitude, he invites you to open the door to your dreams, face your fears and begin your purpose.




Mandy is an artist, producer, poet and philosopher focused on spiritual balance. After the Berlin Wall fell in her birth country of former East Germany, she traveled around the world, resided in Switzerland for a short while and ultimately landed in the United States, where she began exploring her spiritual center. In the creative realm Mandy has tapped into poetry, jewelry design, candle-making, mobiles (moving art), painting, and various other crafts. Her heart can be felt in all of her work and she can be heard reminding us all to breathe.




Radim is a nature photographer pursuing his passion for the macro world of nature. Born in Czechoslovakia and now residing in Fairfield, Iowa, Radim has since devoted his BFA work to insect photography. Winning 1st place in the Smithsonian Magazine 13th Annual Photo Contest has inspired him to continue pursuing his latest project of capturing high-resolution photos and videos of fireflies and lightning bugs. Please visit the Firefly Experience website here and enjoy Radim's work in the Wandering Tree CD booklet.