Why CD


There’s something that’s missing in all of our conveniences today… particularly
in music. There has always been something about the CD… a tangible, tactile
and personal experience that helped to tell the artists’ story while helping to
define the listener’s personal culture. So often, quantity of songs and speed
of delivery took priority over the art and sound of quality story-telling. With
the Wandering Tree series, we have stepped back to rebuild something lost. We
have re-imagined what a CD production could be and we are proud to deliver our
modern-day ode to the art and audiophile listening experience we all miss.


Why local retail


Wandering Tree is only available at select retailers and is not available online.
The music, poetry and photography behind Wandering Tree is a story-telling
experience… the sort that one can only get in-person. We all enjoy the benefits
of web technology… you’re having a session now that relies on it. But with
Wandering Tree, Piercing the Veil and Indigo Moon, we have started anew… looking
at the disconnect in our world and we are seeking to fill that gap with a
universal story told in music, philosophical poetic rhythms and frame-setting
photography. We hope you celebrate this with us and encourage you to stop by a
local retailer today to discuss the Wandering Tree experience!