The Music Trilogy


Wandering Tree

Volume 1 of the Legend of Wandering Tree series sets the tone of our journey. Ethnic chanting and tribal rhythms guide us to the gate within as we step forward...
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Piercing the Veil

Volume 2 of the Legend of Wandering Tree series draws us in to depths untraveled. Atmospheric soundscapes paint the way beyond the illusive Veils which hold us back...
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Indigo Moon
Volume 3 of the Legend of Wandering Tree series beckons us to familiar ground to reflect on our journey. Soothing tones ease us back into tranquil, balanced wisdom.
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The Music


The Story



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The Poetry


"The only way to navigate Love,
is to be lost within it.

It is neither a beast to be conquered,
nor a thought to be cornered.

You are a guest in its presence,
a voyeur in the dark.

So feast not,
rather be the feast worthy of legends.

For there is no sweeter ecstasy
than the nectar that is the yearning of your heart."

(from the WT CD booklet page for "Within the Innocence")



The Press



The Reviews


   “Keoki has captured an ancient knowingness in his work, 'Wandering Tree.' As I listen to the quintessential sounds of his music, I find myself pondering the idea of a wandering tree and realize that to see such a majestic being as stationary and still is to simply succumb to an illusion. Through so many dimensions, this tree is in a constant state of movement and motion. It is continually drawing in elements that move throughout its body. What it breathes in includes particles from every species of animal and plant on Earth. As these particles are absorbed into the fabric of the Wandering Tree, pieces of the tree are released into the air to be absorbed into your body and mine. The result is that there is no place where the Wandering Tree ends and you and I begin. The tree is a part of us and we are a part of the tree.

   As I allow this music to flow over me, I see the Wandering Tree moving through the universe as we all move with the rotation and revolution of the earth. Our movement through space, by comparison, causes our movement on the planet to seem relatively insignificant. Are we all not simply wandering through space, never again to stand in the place where we were just a moment ago? 

   When I fill myself with the music of the Wandering Tree, I remember that our physical experience is only a dream. I remember that we are confined by the limitations of life only to the extent that we choose to believe we are limited. The truth is that we are free to experience and express life in all its beauty and magnificence just as is the Wandering Tree.

   I see the spirit of Keoki’s Wandering Tree every were I look. I see it in you and I see it in me.

Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations)"

Dr. John B. Waterhouse - Center for Creative Living
Asheville, North Carolina



   "Keoki Trask has tapped into the future of the Human Being. His music and poetry inspires others to view life as an interesting book. Each chapter is intertwined with knowledge and amazing experiences. In most cases we do not realize that we are the author of our own lives until the end of the book. Keoki's music opens our awareness as to who we are and asks us to define for ourselves why we are here.

   The Cherokee nation believed that consequences of our actions, both good and bad, effect 7 generations into the future. Keoki's music invokes a joyful experience of sound and story that definitely taps into the next 7 generations. I invite you to immerse yourself into the realm of Keoki's immense talent and begin to write your own book, knowing that you are the creator of your own experience here on Earth."

Rev. Khatia Krebs - Community Leader



"Your CD is a great production. Your song 'Little Bear's Vision' touched my heart. It is so simple, yet full of emotions. I just had to tell you what a beautiful song." 

"Cool music. I've been hearing a lot about it."

"I love your song 'Human Being' and I have added it onto my station. Congratulations for taking this beautiful song to Number 1!"

"I bought your CD at Belle Chere and have been playing it ever since. I love it. I appreciate the artwork on the case insert and the disc itself."

"I'm your biggest fan in the world! ALL your songs are GREAT. My favorite is Forest's Edge."

"I'm very impressed. I'm really looking forward to Piercing the Veil."

"I was just browsing thru the charts and I landed on your site, I must say that your music is really great!"

"Just listening to The Human Being! Like being lost in a small island of jungle forests. And a unique approach to the New Age genre."

"I love to have this type of music for sleeping and doing my yoga. Very nice, Very nice!" 

"I've listened to your song 'Forest's Edge' (a very cool tune by the way), the variety in this song keeps things very interesting, never a dull moment."